What to Expect at a
Total EyeCare Routine Eye Exam

Family Greeting

Our friendly receptionist or eye techs will greet you upon arrival and make sure you are checked-in for your appointment.

Pre-Exam Testing

An eye tech will lead you through pre-testing before you see the doctor. During pre-testing your tech will ask you some basic questions about your current vision and overall health while also performing some basic pre-exam testing, results of which your doctor will review during the routine eye exam.

Retinal Exam
An Optomap Retinal Exam is used to examine your retina. Your retina can tell your doctor a deeper story about your overall health.
Automated Visual Field Screening
Performed for those patients with ongoing eye problems or age-related concerns to test for peripheral vision limitations and potential early stage signs of various eye diseases.
Visual Acuity Test
Vision test administered to determine the smallest letters you can read on a standardized eye chart (With and without your corrective lenses if applicable).

The Examination

The Doctor will review the information gathered by your tech and assess the results of your pre-exam testing. If you did not do the Optomap Retinal Exam your doctor will recommend pupil dilation at this time to evaluate the condition of your retina. Your doctor will perform a number of tests during your eye exam.

Extraocular Muscle Function Testing
Examines the function of your eye muscles to determine if there is any weakness or problems with you ocular muscles. This test is pretty comfortable and only involves the normal movement of your eyes.
Near Point of Convergence Testing
Your eye doctor must evaluate your eye alignment at distance and at near and your ability to converge an object as it is slowly moved towards your eyes. This test is also simple and takes less than a minute to perform.
Refraction Testing
This eye test measures your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. There is no discomfort for this test performed with the purpose of determining whether you have a need for glasses or contacts.
Binocular Balance / Prism Balance Tests
This test focuses both eyes simultaneously, checking for astigmatism and aiming for maximum vision balance using both eyes.
Slit Lamp Exam
A low-powered microscope and high-intensity light source is used to examine your cornea, eyelids, iris, and all other front of the eye structures. Pupil dilation may be necessary for this test and there may be some direct contact with the whites of your eyes.
And More ....
Each test performed will ensure protection, detection, and prevention of a wide range of eye diseases.

Examination Summary

Your doctor will go over the examination results and offer any recommendations on scheduling follow-ups or routine appointments. This is where you can ask any additional questions you might have from the exam.

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What our patients say

  • Mark H.
    Their use of the latest technology was impressive. We liked the “one stop” shopping….eye exam, glasses, contacts, and sunglasses all in one place. Everyone was helpful, knowledgeable and fun to work with.
    Mark H.
  • Laurence E.
    I choose Total Eyecare as a result of Dr. Brown. Feel well cared for. All the staff is quick and efficient, a big plus for me as I have a very busy schedule.
    Laurence E.
  • Jim K.
    It was really good. Doctor Brown worked cooperatively and listened to my concerns and thoughts and recommended a good solution.
    Jim K.
  • Tom C.
    Knowledgeable and professional staff, Dr. Brown and her associates do a fantastic job taking care of your eye in a timely manner.
    Tom C.
  • Jackson R.
    Very pleasant Staff….I left your office feeling confident I’m doing everything I should be doing for my eye’s health. Thanks.
    Jackson R.
  • Jeanie T.
    All went well. Everyone was professional, courteous, and accommodating.
    Jeanie T.

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