Eyecare Services

Eye exams

Eye Exams

Easy online appointment scheduling allows for same-day appointments and walk-ins are always welcome! We provide care for the whole family starting with infants, children, and adults.

Contact lens fitting

Contact Lens Fittings

Incorrectly fitted contact lenses can cause extreme discomfort and potential damage to your eye. Our fittings include measurements and tests to find the best contact lens fit for your eyes.

Eye disease treatment

Eye Disease Treatment

We treat a wide variety of eye conditions, from allergies and dry eyes to infections and foreign body removals.

Infant pediatric care

Infant & Pediatric Care

We are one of the only clinics in Billings that offers eye exams for infants. We are passionate about children’s visual development and want to partner with parents along the way!

optomap retinal imaging

Optomap Retinal Imaging

This is a comfortable, dilation-free option to examine the condition of our patient’s eyes. No drops, no wait time, and is safe for every family member.


comprehensive eye exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam - $155

This includes an OptoMap Retinal Image that can sometimes take place of dilation as well as a glasses prescription.

Contact lense fitting

Contact Lens Fitting - $30-90

Which includes a pair of trial contacts to take home as well as two follow-up appointments if needed. *(scleral, keratoconus, and rare custom fittings are case by case basis)

Eye test

OCT - $89

This is a test we recommend for patients over 40, as a baseline for glaucoma and macular degeneration. *Instead of the doctor watching for changes on the pin-head-sized optic nerve, we can analyze it to the micron. This allows nerve fiber loss from glaucoma to be detected and treated with an eyedrop sooner.* OCT also looks under the surface of the macula (Center of your vision) for early detection of macular degeneration or fluid.-

Visual field test

Visual Field - $20-50

Please note we do not directly bill any insurance however, we would be happy to give you an extra invoice to self-submit to your insurance if their policy allows. Feel free to call us at 406-656-2898 if you have any questions.

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