Does Summer Air Quality Affect Your Eyes?

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Does Summer Air Quality Affect Your Eyes?

Most reports indicate that air quality across the world has decreased. In the summer, however, ozone levels hit their peak. The fact of the matter is that eye is vulnerable to the impact of air pollution. Understand that some people may feel more eye irritation than others.

Despite different degrees of polluted air, it is bound to affect your quality of life. And when there are contact lenses involved, it can cause severe irritation in the eyes. There are no simple solutions or shortcuts to addressing air pollution. Still, when the quality of air worsens, you can follow certain practices to alleviate some symptoms.

There is something in the Air!

Scientists and Environmentalists have been open about the long-term effects of air pollution and smog on the human body. Remember that the ozone layer can negatively and positively impact the environment. Technically, ozone is a colorless and odorless gas present in the Earth’s ground level and upper atmosphere.

But the ground-level ozone is a severe air pollutant and harmful element of smog. And the high level of ozone ties together with ozone exposure. In 2022, ozone pollution in the summer season paired with hot weather and intense sunlight resulted in harmful concentrations.

Summer and Air Pollution: Protect Your Eyes

It is common knowledge that poor air quality affects breathing. And like lungs, eyes also take a direct hit when air pollution worsens. Manifesting poor air quality can result in minimal to chronic eye irritation or discomfort.

For instance, if you wear a contact lens, the air pollution in the summer season will drastically affect your eye health. If you experience constant irritation and feel like your eyes are uncomfortable, seek out the help of an eye doctor quickly.

Usually, optometrists recommend a combination of eye care solutions like rewetting drops. The objective of all treatments, however, is to make sure there are no reactionary elements present in the eye. When air pollution worsens, try to stay indoors whenever possible. Specifically, stay indoors during the morning when air pollution is at its highest.

Impact of Summer Air Pollution on the Eyes

When air pollution increases in the summer, the major consequence is that people develop dry eyes. Scientific data also shows that increased air pollution can lead to macular degeneration. And that’s because the air pollutants that enter the bloodstream can harm the eye’s tiny blood vessels.

Opt for Total EyeCare

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The scorching summer season increases air pollution, which means taking proactive action to maintain your eye health and following preventative measures beforehand. Contact us to book an appointment now.