How Pregnancy Affects your Eyesight

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How Pregnancy Affects your Eyesight

Pregnancy is a wonderful and life-changing experience, but there are some impacts on the human body that you may not know of. According to statistics, nearly 5% and 8% of pregnant women experience eyesight changes during pregnancy. While most of these issues get resolved a few months after they deliver the baby, it’s crucial to know more about it.

We know it can be challenging to deal with eyesight issues with pregnancy, but you can make it easier. Understanding the visual symptoms of eyesight complications can help you address the underlying health problems you may be at risk for during pregnancy.

Normal Visual Changes during Pregnancy

The exact eyesight changes during pregnancy are pretty subjective. Women experience pregnancy differently as well as health changes. Therefore, the following are some of the most common visual changes women experience during pregnancy.

Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is one of the most common symptoms that women experience. Hormonal changes inside the body during pregnancy are the main cause of this blurred vision. Pregnancy can cause thickness in the cornea, leading to vision changes. The light doesn’t enter accurately, causing a blurred image.

Rarely, blurred vision during pregnancy can also be due to gestational diabetes. It’s a pregnancy-related complication that impacts 6% and 9% of women. The increased blood sugar levels impact the eye lens, which leads to blurry vision. Getting an eye exam if you get diagnosed with gestational diabetes is essential because leaving it unattended can complicate the case.

Blurred vision can also occur in pregnant women because of dry eye syndrome. It’s a medical condition in which the excretion of eye fluid increases, causing redness, itchiness, and other health complications. The medical condition can occur in almost anyone but gets exacerbated by pregnancy.

Eye Dryness

The number of tears in your eyes can reduce during pregnancy or impact the quality of tears. Either way, it is challenging for the victims to deal with eye dryness. The medical condition can arise at one point of the pregnancy, depending on how the women experience symptoms.

However, most studies indicate that dry eye problem is most common in the last trimester of pregnancy. Therefore, some women might even find it challenging to wear lenses during this part of their pregnancy.

Eye Puffiness

Swelling is common during pregnancy, as women can experience it throughout their bodies. However, swelling around the eyelids is another common problem for these women—the body’s tendency to retain water increases during pregnancy.

Some women may also experience dark circles around their eyes. You can avoid some foods if you are worried about puffiness and dark circles. For example, limiting salt and coffee intake can be problematic.

Changes in Visual which could be a Problem

Not all changes in visuals during pregnancy are normal. Women should contact an eye doctor or obstetrician to reduce any chances of other health complications.

Floaters and Flashes

Seeing flashes in your vision during pregnancy can indicate high blood pressure that connects with preeclampsia. Its medical conditions require consistent close monitoring and can be challenging to control if ignored for a long. Pregnant women should get their blood pressure monitored throughout the pregnancy to avoid major complications.

Short Vision Loss

Vision loss is a serious problem for everyone but can be a serious indicator of preeclampsia in pregnant women. These women should be checked by a professional on priority in case of vision loss.

Bottom Line

Pregnancy can affect eyesight in multiple ways, leading to complications. Some eye problems are common, while others, like floaters and vision loss, are a more serious threat. Pregnant women should take care of themselves and get the proper care. You can connect with our health professionals at Total Eye Care to help you in your time of need. Feel free to contact us at:

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