Why Do Our Eyes Twitch?

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Why Do Our Eyes Twitch?


When you’ve had a long and busy day – your eyes start to twitch. It is an annoying feeling that works like small tics. Most people need to understand that these little tics are signals from your body trying to tell you something about your health habits.  

Eye twitching is common and occurs when you stimulate nerves and muscles around your eyes. Mostly, minor twitching is not a big deal, and they stop on their own. But the key is to understand what causes these muscle contractions and whether or not you can control them.

Stress and Eye Twitching

Stress is the common cause of eye twitching. Think of a twitching eye as a telltale sign showing you that you’ve been in a stressful situation. Whether you have to meet a work deadline or tirelessly prepare for a job interview, eye twitching can creep in easily.

What’s the Solution?

Here are the most effective ways to address eye twitches:

Breathing Exercises

You should focus on reducing stress levels by performing relaxation and breathing exercises. Once the stress levels come down, you’ll notice the eye twitches are gone too.

Reduce Eye Strain

If you’re glued to the screen for hours, you’re more likely to strain your eyes and cause eye twitching and abrupt blinking. Eye strain can be due to uncorrected or undiagnosed vision issue that requires immediate treatment. But mostly, eye strain is the result of excessively using digital devices.

Reducing eye strain and twitching is a matter of consulting with an eye doctor about vision correction. For digital eye strain, take breaks after every hour and move away from direct visual contact with the monitor or other type of screen that renders blue light. You can use eyeglasses to reduce the impact of eye strain.

Reduce Alcohol and Caffeine Consumption

If you don’t drink alcohol and caffeine in moderation, then you might see eye twitches. If you heavily consume coffee and want to keep up the energy even when you’re physically drained, you’ll trigger eye twitches. So, consume soda, energy drinks, alcohol, and coffee in small portions and at different intervals.

Avoid Dry Eyes 

Dry eyes can trigger involuntary eye twitching and blinking. In most cases, dry eye is due to medication or spending long hours using digital devices like computers, tablets, or smartphones. Dry eyes can also be the result of wearing contact lenses. Now, to relieve this symptom, you can try artificial tears and see if the irritation in the eyes goes away.

Get Proper Rest

It is not enough to get 3-4 hours of sleep when your body needs 7-8 hours daily. Inadequate sleep and rest also trigger eye twitching. In fact, if you continue to not rest and exhaust yourself for an extended period, you will see your eyes twitching more often.

Wrap Up

If you’re concerned about your eyes and experience eye twitches, then make sure to reduce stress at work and home, consume healthy food liquids, and sleep 8 hours a night to feel fresh every morning. Adopt healthy habits to improve your eyes’ health for years to come.

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